Does Womance have a physical store?

 We do not have a physical store, nor do we serve other stores. We are a company who only sells online, these garments can only be found in our online shop.

Our aims are:

  • The exclusivity, our pieces cannot be found nowhere else.
  • Offering quality product at a fair price. We are manufacturers and don’t work with intermediaries.
  • Being in contact personally with our clients. We will be available whenever you need us (love@www.womance.es).

How long will it take my order?

 If we have in stock your order, it will arrive at your home in a maximum of 72 hours. In case we don’t have any stock, it will arrive in a maximum of 5 days.

You can check the stock in the desired product sheet. If you still have doubts, please send us an email to love@www.womance.es. We are always willing to help!

 And, if I change my mind, can I return it?

 Of course!

Once your order arrives to your home, you have 48 hours to try it out and decide if you like it or not. If you like it, enjoy it! And, if not, send us as soon as possible an email to love@www.womance.es with the subject “return”.

Womance will refund your money as long as the following points are fulfilled:

In which cases the returns are not accepted?

 We make sure that you ALWAYS enjoy the premiere of your Womance garment. Therefore, the status of the return must comply with the following:

–  The piece will have all the labels on.

–  It will not have been premiered.

–  It will not be stained, damaged or has smell of perfume.

– Meet the return period (14 days).


The return period consists in::

  • Let us know before 48h the return of the piece. (love@www.womance.es)
  • From the moment you receive your clothes at home, you will have 14 days until the return arrives at our offices.


No refunds will be allowed outside this deadline (14 days from receipt and until it arrive at our offices) besides fulfiling the conditions described above.

How to procede with the return?

 Very easy, do not throw the box in which your garment arrived, it will serve you to make the return.

If at 48 hours of receiving your order you decide do not like it, send us an email to love@www.womance.es with the subject “Returns”. So you can tell us the account number where you want to receive the refund.

As soon as we receive the package, we will make the deposit into your account. It is quick and easy!

Who pays for the shipping cost when you make an order?

Womance takes care of all shipments to Peninsula, meaning, they will be FREE

Shipments to the Canary Islands, Ibiza and Menorca will cost you €7.

Shipments to the Balearic Islands will have a cost of €5.

In the case of return, the customer will assume the cost of the return. (See shipping cost return table link).

Why as a client do I have to pay the return shipping cost?

 At Womance we offer exclusive dresses at a fair price and the shipping cost will not detract from our quality.

This is why the outbound shipments are assumed by Womance and the ones you want to return are assumed by you.

Can you imagine that your order travels from your home to ours for less than € 5? Take a look here to the shipping price table.

That’s it, pure comfort.

Do you ship outside Spain?

  Yes, we also ship to Europe, USA, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico. In case we have stock of the piece that you choose, it will arrive at your home in less than 4 days.

Womance will not assume the cost of international shipments, to know the amount, you only have to check this TABLE and search for the shipping to your country.