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About Womance

About us

Believe in yourself. Inspire others. Enjoy your beauty and elevate your power.

We create for the woman we believe in.

Independent, powerful, feminine. A woman of many colours, who has little regard for stereotypes nor other’s expectations and opinions. A woman who plays with fashion as a channel of expression, a way to connect with her sensuality and project her identity.

Through her body runs the electric feeling of being certain that she needs no one else but herself, and, at the same time, that when she shares her power with fellow women, pure magic happens. Complicity emboldens them.

In her, self love is free from egocentrism to become inspiration instead. It’s something magnetic: believing in herself inspires others to do the same.

Nude backs, vibrant colours and fabrics made for slow motion. At Womance there are no trends but garments that, as if they were amulets, empower the woman who is about to wear them.

Carefully made in Spain.


Womance is born in 2015 as an energy injection in a market that offers either exclusive pieces at an unattainable price or moderately priced garments whose mass production nullifies any sign of distinction. We walk confidently in that meeting point between contemporary luxury and accessible fashion.


The equation true to our values consists in offering exclusivity through capsule collections made in Spain by the most experienced hands, who enjoy keeping artisanal work alive for the perfect finish of the garment.